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The JMB series is the most powerful and feature rich electric fence energizer JVA has manufactured to date. This continues JVA’s push for technical superiority in the area of Monitored Electric Fencing and IP Energizers®. While the JMB energizers were specifically designed for game parks and exclusion fencing, they are also well suited to any large permanent electric fencing application.
The JMB series produces up to a stunning 46J of stored energy, currently the world’s largest battery powered energizer. A monitored electric fence reduces maintenance by reporting whenever there is a fault and by allowing you to check the fence from wherever you are using the Internet.
The JMB series introduces the JVA Virtual Keypad. This allows you to monitor, control and program the energizer from your Wi-Fi enabled smart device (Phone, Tablet or Laptop). The JMB’s can also be controlled and monitored with a wired JVA 4-Line Keypad supplied with the unit.
The JMB-ZM50 contains our patented Loop Monitor with Distant Fault Detection (DFD™). The loop, or loops, of live wires may run down and back on the same fence or all the way around a property.
While previous fence loop monitors suffered from a range limitation of approximately 10km of fence or 30km of wire, DFD™ has greatly increased this range.
  • Can split a single fence into up to 50 sectors
  • Can report the position of a fault as a percentage of overall fence length
  • Short sectors can be accurately defined using JVA sector dividers
  • ELV (Extra-low Voltage) open circuit detection