Horse Tape Brown 40mm x 200mm FENW0003

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200 metre roll of 40 mm politape for electric fencing. Politape is plastic tape with stainless steel conductors woven into the “fabric”. Perfect for temporary electric fences. It is light, easy to tension by hand and is easy to see. The relatively high electrical resistance of tape compared to standard electric fence wire (2.5mm Galvanized Steel) means that it is not suitable for long fences (over a few hundred meters). May be used for strip grazing, temporary paddocks, fencing animals away from trees or gardens and much more. For a version of this product designed specially for windier areas, check our listing here.

UV stabilised
Width: 40mm
Roll length: 200m
Resistance: approx. 3.5 Ohms per meter. For comparison, plain 2.5mm galvanised steel wire is approximately 40 Ohms per km.